Arkady Lukashov
Arkady Lukashov
Russian Federation, Vladivostok
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Hello and thank you for spending your valuable time.

I'm a web developer from cold country called Russia and I make cool and creative stuff.

My interesting career began in the not too distant in 2011, after realized that I wanted to change the internet for the best.

I work and develop in all areas of IT, from directly productive activities(UX, UI design, frontending, hardcore coding) to managerial (project-management, deadline-management, etc.).

I'm always busy working on projects and, at the same time, I'm always open to new opportunities and excited to hear interesting proposals.


My skills
75%Design of information architectures / Prototyping / UX / Usability / Generation of ideas
60%UI design / Web-design
91%HTML / CSS / Emmet / LESS / Photoshop master-level
65%JavaScript / jQuery / AJAX / Node.js / JSON
65%PHP / Бэкенд / SQL / REST Design / CURL / HTTP
55%GIT / Grunt / БЭМ / SVN / SSH / Microsoft Word / Garage Band
Top 20 projects straight from the archives of my career!
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